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Palisades Muppet

Palisades The Muppet Show Mega Muppet Beaker (2002)


10" Palisades Mega Muppets Gonzo Figure


Muppet Show CRAZY HARRY Palisades Series 2 action figure Loose


Muppet Show Palisades Classic Swedish Chef action figure series 9 Muppets


Palisades Jim Henson's Muppets Series 6 CLIFFORD figure! Muppets Tonight Show!


Muppets Palisades Pops From The Great Muppet Caper New In Box / NIB


Palisades Toys Muppets Muppet Show Newsman 5" Figure Series 5 Loose


2002 Palisades Toys~Muppet Show~Zoot Muppets Figure~25th Anniversary Rare


The Muppet Show MEGA BEAKER 25 Years Muppet Action Figure 13" Palisades 2002


NEW Palisades The Muppet Show Dr. Julius Strangepork~Pigs in Space~Series 4~2003


Palisades Muppets Movie Usher Scooter MOC Sealed New


Palisades Muppet Show Muppets Crazy Harry with Bomb and TNT


NEW 2004 Palisades Pops 5" Figure~Jim Henson's The Great Muppet Caper~Series 9


NEW Palisades The Muppet Movie 5" Animal Figure~Killer Toys Exclusive~Drums~2004


NIP 2002 Palisades Dr. Bunsen Honeydew Figure~25 Years The Muppet Show


NEW Muppets 2004 Palisades Backstage at the Muppet Show Super Deluxe playset NIB


Jim Hensons Muppets Pigs In Space Figure Set by Palisades


Muppet Show Series 1 "Dr. Bunsen Honeydew". New & Sealed. Palisades.


Palisades Muppets Series Four 4 Rizzo the Rat Blue Jacket Varient MOC


NEW 2002 Palisades Rowlf & Piano Figure~Jim Henson's The Muppet Show 25 Years


6 The Muppet Show 25 Years Collectible Figures Series 1 2 & 3


Palisades Muppets Sam the Eagle Action Figure w/ Accessories Loose


Palisades Jim Henson's The Muppets Tonight JOHNNY FIAMA metallic variant figure!


The Muppet Show Marvin Suggs Rainbow Shirt Palisades Figure MOSC


Sam the Eagle Regular Eyes Action Figure Jim Henson's Muppets Palisades Series 8


The Muppet Show Jim Henson figure Special Edition by Palisades Toys Muppets 2004


Palisades Black Jacket Rizzo Action Figure Muppets Industry Giveaway


Palisades Lips Action Figure Playset Silver Shirt Muppets Trumpet Player


Rare 25 Years Celebration of "The Muppet Show": Zoot  by Palisades Collectible 


Muppets Statler And Waldorf 2003 Palisades Figures New In Box


Muppets Rainbow Connection Kermit Prototype figure set By Palisades Toys


Muppet Show Kermit The Frog Figure Palisades Toys Christmas Holiday Exclusive